The Diana 34 EMS series is part of the brand’s premium line of break-barrel springers. This air rifle has been in production now for about 36 years years, but they’re bringing new upgrades to the table. Now, with its Easy Modular System, the Diana 34 EMS series provides enthusiasts with a designed-in customization capability.

This single-shot gun has the ability to swap barrels so the receiver can propel both .177 and .22 caliber pellets. The business end also has interchangeable options, including a tunnel sight, muzzle brake, and fiber optic bead. But the most notable improvement on the rifle has been its two-piece cocking lever “that reduces the effort needed to change the gun,” as Field and Stream noted.

The locker lever is now divided into two parts. First, the inlays are now polymer coated, which makes the process smoother than the old Diana 43.