Far From Home

As reported by local media, an unexpected development has unfolded in a forest near Zamosc, Poland, with the discovery of a Russian missile. The Polish Air Force’s Institute of Technology has identified the object as a Russian CH-55 missile, igniting concerns about the potential overspill from the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

With an impressive range of 1,800 miles and reaching up to 660 mph at low altitudes, the CH-55 missile makes radar detection challenging. This state-of-the-art weapon was discovered miles from Poland’s boundaries with Ukraine, Belarus, and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, leaving experts confounded about its unlikely location in the Polish forest.

As per Polish broadcaster RMF FM, military insiders believe the cruise missile was launched during a December 2022 air raid on Ukraine orchestrated by Russian aircraft stationed in Belarus. The incident elicited a swift response from NATO aircraft. Although Polish authorities commenced search operations, they were halted due to adverse weather conditions.


In a twist of fate, a woman found the missile during a horse ride near Zamosc on April 22. Her report to local police triggered a cascade of events that have created ripples of shock and concern throughout Poland and beyond.

Curiously, the Polish military refrained from notifying the prosecutor’s office about this intrusion into Polish airspace, raising questions about this uncharacteristic silence. When probed for a comment, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs withheld specifics, promising to comment once conclusive findings were available.

Jarosław Wolski, an open-source intelligence expert, added to the intrigue by revealing on Twitter that the missile’s remnants hadn’t been recovered, adding another element of mystery to this enigmatic scenario.