The Disney Company is taking its lumps lately but once upon a time it was engaged in an actual war instead of the Culture War.

Here’s a secret: Along with the 16 million American soldiers that served in the military during World War II were Walt Disney characters Mickey, Donald, Doc, and the Practical Pig from The Three Little Pigs. The vast expansion of the US military meant the creation of hundreds of new army units, ships and squadrons that all needed unique insignia and markings to build esprit de corps in the men and women serving in them. So the War Department turned to Walt Disney to help.

Disney, Already a Hit

Disney was already a crowd and box-office favorite when World War II broke out, with the successful release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Pinocchio and Fantasia in 1940, and Dumbo in 1941, considering the fact that there was an ongoing conflict at that time. His feature-length animated films were not made for kids, but for adult audiences who marveled at the level of artistry and sophistication that went into his work. Snow White one the first-ever Honorary Academy Award for an animated movie.

Their short movies also became popular globally, with Mickey Mouse already an international icon that he was already in a US Navy’s insignia even before the war. This was the beginning of a trend of Disney cartoon characters being used in the insignias of the US military, particularly in the Navy, which was not really approved by Disney in the beginning.