It’s that time of year again. The time where people make promises to themselves (resolutions), and an overwhelming majority of these promises are about weight/health. For some people this means enrolling at their local gym, or signing up with a personal trainer to help create a plan. I like going to the gym, I do it throughout the entire year. However, because of the nature of my work (compulsory overtime) I always plan on going before work, which typically means getting up at 0430.

When I start fitness programs I am very strict with myself. I create a meal plan, supplementation plan, and fitness plan. To make sure that I don’t miss a workout I always go to the gym as soon as it opens. This year I decided to create a small home gym, with the hope that I would get to sleep in more. Now, before we go down this road I want to say that it is impossible to replicate your neighborhood gym in your basement/garage unless you are will to spend the money (a lot of money), and have tons of space.

What follows is what I used to create a home gym, and the reasoning behind it. You may have more cash/space than me, or you may like to focus your exercising differently than me. Regardless, make sure the space you create fits your goals. Also, don’t be scared to look for used equipment/weights. I spent a lot of time trying to find used before buying anything new.