Today the United States Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions slammed the brakes on one of the more subtle and potentially devastating programs that was put into place by former Attorney General Eric HolderOperation Choke Point was the name of the operation where the DOJ at the time began their subtle assault on the finances of law-abiding gun shops, firearm and firearm accessory manufacturers among other types of companies all in the name of “Safety”. The history and details of Operation Choke Point are listed in the link below, in a nut shell the federal government instructed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to label some industries as “High Risk” and secondarily strong armed the FDIC into cutting off access for some of these companies to banking services such as loans and other banking services. This process was of course done without the consult of any members of the judiciary branch of our federal government, because after all who wants all the problems with due process of law and full legal disclosures when you can just make a sweetheart back room deal right ?

The full text of the letter officially closing the statements and official position of the DOJ and the Attorney General. I for one am happy to see this type of thing come to light and be stopped, In my opinion the Obama Administrations largely left gun laws in place on a large-scale but worked in a more covert fashion of targeted enforcement and subtle erosion of our gun rights. This was in direct contrast to the last Democratic President Bill Clinton who made his assault on our constitutional rights very obvious even to people who didn’t follow politics closely. What are your thoughts on the ending of the financial assault on the gun industry ? Was too much made of Operation Choke Point ?

Synopsis of Operation Choke Point

We have included the first paragraph of the four page letter, with a link to the complete letter as posted on the United States House of Representatives Home Page. It gets right to its intention at the beginning and continues quickly.



Link to Full Text, follow link here: Operation Choke Point

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