Abs, biceps, triceps, and pecs are usually given importance whenever we work out, especially for men. Apart from those, quads should also be a staple, as strong quads will absorb the load of impact activity, be it jumping, running, or performing those box jumps. Plus, you know what they say, don’t skip leg day. Quads are not specifically located in your legs but your thighs, although you know what I mean. Unless you’re trying to look like Johnny Bravo, just don’t.

Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo

Why You Shouldn’t Ditch Them

Lower-body strength is key to creating a strong, stable foundation. You may or may not notice, but you always utilize your lower-body strength to do all sorts of movements, even the upper-body ones like reaching overhead, throwing, and all those other kinds of daily activities. It also helps prevent possible injuries and manage conditions like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Here are some other benefits, based on Healthline:

  • improve the stability of your kneecap
  • protect your knee joint from injury
  • increase your jump height
  • improve your overall athletic ability
  • lower your risk of developing knee osteoarthritis
  • improve your balance and stability
  • make everyday movements such as walking, bending, and sitting easier to do

If these would not convince you to exercise your quads yet, I don’t know what will. If we have successfully encouraged you, then it’s time that we discuss the workouts that you could try. Before you try these, make sure that you warm-up and stretch first at least 5–10 minutes, I’m pretty sure you won’t appreciate very sore muscles the next day if you skip this part.

Bodyweight Squats

Perhaps one of the most well-known all-around exercises for strengthening not only your lower body but also your core, engaging your quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, and spinal erectors. How awesome is that?