This week in our Industry Spotlight we have decided to bring you an inside look at DP Custom Works LLC, of Monroe North Carolina. DP Custom Works first came to our attention via Instagram when we noticed their custom milling work on the slides of some Glock 17’s and Glock 19’s. Sometimes you stumble on things accidentally and they end up being something special. It only took a few moments of browsing their Instagram feed and the company’s website to realize that the company had a lot to show off.

There are things that DP Custom Works does and things that they don’t do. What they do is mill slides with serrations, pistol optic cuts, and a few other forms of lightening cuts. What they don’t do unfortunately is perform any work on the frames of pistols. The company has repeatedly said that they won’t be expanding into stippling or frame modifications at anytime in the foreseeable future.


Easy Ordering System

Many times when trying to build a custom pistol it seems nearly impossible to figure out what you really want in a timely manner. When it comes to machining there is no going back, machine cuts are very permanent things. Luckily for customers DP Custom Works has decided to come up with a few set packages that incorporate some of the more popular choices in milling and slide work all for one set price. They offer ten packages that cover almost all popular variants of Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P pistols, including the Shield.

It was announced in the last few weeks that DP Custom Works would also be doing some limited amount of work on the Sig Sauer P32o series of pistols as well. This is a new development and I haven’t gotten any word yet as to whether they intend to offer the same slide packages to owners of the Sig P320. If I was going to make a semi educated guess I would say yes that at some point in the future DP Custom Works will expand into other pistols like the Sig P320 and maybe the CZ-P10C.

The company points out that any machine work done to a slide leaves it exposed as raw metal, it’s for this reason that the company has teamed up with another North Carolina based company in Weapon Works LLC to offer customers the option to have their slides refurnished using Cerakote. To make things a one stop shopping experience the company handles all the shipping from them to the refinisher and back to their door for one final recheck before the slides are sent back to customers. The huge advantage to this is you only have to pay one person and ultimately deal with one shop.

I have dealt with DP Custom Works and I can say they are 100% professional and upfront about their fees, the wait time for projects to be completed. Honestly it sucks to have to wait six, eight weeks or longer for a project to be completed. That’s what happens when you develop a good reputation and word of mouth and the internet spread the tales of your prowess to the gun community. As a manufacturer or a craftsman its a fantastic problem to have, as a consumer it’s not so great. The wait is well worth it though, I can tell you that from first hand experience. There is a saying that I have used often when it comes to gunsmithing and that is “Buy Once, Cry Once”. There maybe cheaper places out there but I don’t intend to trust anyone else but DP Custom Works with my future slide work.