If you carry concealed and you’re anything like me, you’ve probably gone through or own a few holsters. We who carry are always looking for the perfect fit. I like the IWB (inside the waistband) style holster, as it reduces printing and generally feels more comfortable. Everyone has a go-to holster in the world of concealed carry, but I want to shed some light on what I’ve been using for sometime and consider my go-to CCW holster; The Haley Strategic INCOG holster.

A little while ago, I participated in a pistol course here in Texas conducted by Travis Haley. I was a big fan with the crossbreed holster at the time (still own two of them) and considered it to my go-to IWB holster for everyday carry. That was until I ran into Haley’s INCOG Holster. The first day of the class, I used my crossbreed, carrying a Glock in the 5:30 position. My times from draw to target were to standard, but after watching Travis and a few others draw and present while using the INCOG holster, I could see a significant difference between myself and others who were not using the INCOG.

The INGOG holster made a noticeable difference in my speed and efficiency when the course moved to working and shooting within vehicles. Not only was I able to place the IWB holster in just about any position that was ergonomically sound for the shooter, but the drawing process was extremely smooth.

From Haley Strategic —

The key feature of the INCOG is how it interfaces with the belt. Using the “INCOG Clip”, INCOG Holsters can be donned or removed in seconds with a positive engagement when secured on an end users belt. The clips also keep the holster very tight to the body, preventing the holster and weapon system from printing on clothing.  The INCOG is a minimum bulk, multi-positional, deep concealment holster. Its distinctive features enable the concealed carry of a handgun from a variety of carry positions while facilitating the acquisition of a full firing grip on the weapon prior to the draw. Inherent are adjustments in the depth of carry, angle of carry, the position of carry and security of carry. Adjustments are supported via the unique modular mounting points on the holster and the use of variable mounting components. Combined they maximize function respective to the users: body type, deployment tactics and personal preferences.

The INCOG has made a very positive difference in how I carry. If you are looking for an upgrade or just want to try something new, look into the INCOG holster.

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