In a significant move to bolster aerial security, an undisclosed U.S. government agency has recently awarded Australian tech firm DroneShield a groundbreaking contract valued at $33 million.

The contract involves the supply of cutting-edge counter-drone weapons and associated services, signifying Washington’s growing trust and confidence in DroneShield’s anti-drone solutions. While specific details about the weapon type and quantity remain classified, the company’s chief executive, Matt McCrann, expressed pride in the team’s efforts and commitment to delivering value to customers worldwide.

In this article, we delve into DroneShield’s revolutionary anti-drone solution and its potential implications for the evolving landscape of aerial security.

The DroneGun Tactical

At the heart of DroneShield’s capabilities lies the DroneGun Tactical, a state-of-the-art counter-drone weapon system designed to counter aerial threats effectively.

The system boasts a user-friendly, two-hand operation that provides an intuitive control panel user interface for target selection and engagement. With its remarkable effectiveness in disrupting hostile drone signals, the DroneGun Tactical forces drones to lose contact with their operators or return to their pre-programmed starting points, rendering them harmless.

The DroneGun Tactical’s impressive range of two kilometers (1.25 miles) enables operators to engage threats from a significant distance, providing valuable time and space to respond proactively to potential drone incursions.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this anti-drone gun is designed to be accessible to a broader range of users, requiring minimal technical training to set up and operate. This ease of use makes it a compelling solution for government agencies, military units, critical infrastructure operators, and other entities seeking to protect their airspace from evolving drone threats.

anti-drone gun
(Image source: DroneShield)

A Highly Effective Anti-Drone Weapon

Based on its website, the DroneGun Tactical is a highly effective anti-drone gun that boasts an impressive range and a lightweight, robust rifle-style design.

The weapon system includes high-performance directional antennas and a user-friendly control panel interface that enables users to choose and activate the range of jamming frequencies to defeat the target. The DroneGun Tactical’s non-kinetic jamming capabilities offer a safe countermeasure against various unmanned aircraft system (UAS) threats, including drones, without harming common UAS models or the environment.

One of the key advantages of the DroneGun Tactical is its long-range coverage, which is effective in multiple environmental conditions. It also immediately ceases video transmission back to the UAS operator, enabling investigators to examine the UAS intact and available for forensic investigation. The disruption engages on multiple RF frequency bands simultaneously and has GNSS (satellite navigation) disruption capability.

It is also easy to use, with minimal technical training required for setup or use. Its integrated directional antennas and custom antenna radome are designed for effective operation across multiple bands, and its thermal management system is built holistically into the design. The control panel features a rotary dial switch that enables the selection of active jamming frequencies, with visual feedback provided via LED indicators ‘ON’ or ‘FLASH.’

Furthermore, the anti-drone weapon’s rifle-style design is sturdy and durable, with an internal aluminum frame and a balanced structure for prolonged operational use. It also comes with MIL-STD 1913 rails for scope mounting.

Its Future Role in Advancing Aerial Security

Washington’s decision to award DroneShield a substantial contract for anti-drone guns marks a pivotal moment in aerial security.

As the utilization of drones in malicious and unauthorized activities becomes increasingly prevalent, the demand for effective counter-drone solutions has never been higher. By choosing DroneShield’s DroneGun Tactical, the government demonstrates its commitment to staying ahead of the evolving threat landscape and safeguarding critical assets and infrastructure. With its intuitive interface and minimal technical training requirements, this solution enables users to react swiftly to potential drone incursions, neutralizing threats before they escalate.

The significance of this contract extends beyond national security, as it reflects the growing recognition of international stakeholders in DroneShield’s anti-drone capabilities. The company’s global prominence in enhancing aerial security is increasing due to its proven track record of delivering innovative solutions and value worldwide.

As anti-drone technologies gain prominence, addressing the ethical and regulatory considerations surrounding their use is crucial. Responsible deployment of counter-drone solutions ensures these technologies serve as a defensive measure without impeding legitimate drone operations. DroneShield’s commitment to meeting regulatory standards and promoting responsible usage sets a precedent for the industry, reinforcing the importance of balancing security and responsible drone use.

Overall, the promising anti-drone weapon technology assumes a key role in shaping the landscape of counter-drone capabilities and safeguarding critical assets.


The $33M contract between the U.S. government and DroneShield marks a defining moment in aerial security. Equipped with the advanced DroneGun Tactical, agencies and military forces can effectively combat hostile drones, highlighting the importance of cutting-edge technology in safeguarding airspace. This powerful solution empowers stakeholders to maintain control, protect assets, and reinforce global security efforts. The impact of this innovative solution extends far beyond the contract, empowering nations to safeguard their skies with confidence.