The EDC by Crossfire Holsters is an affordable Inside the Waist holster that combines kydex materials with a breathable backing to give the end user a holster than will comfortably wear all day even in hot temperatures. In the ever changing and increasingly violent world we live in, a conceal carry holster for your pistol is now a necessity. Holsters are as unique as the people who wear them and the pistols they hold, so it’s important to get one that will fit your gun and your lifestyle. In my life I find myself taking my holster off my belt and then putting it back on several times a day, I happen to hate to drive with a gun on my hip. That being the case I often transfer my gun and holster from my hip to the center glove box and then back on to myself over and over throughout the day. It’s an annoying process, so t was with some joy when the EDC by Crossfire Holsters arrived at my door.

Who is Crossfire Holsters?

Crossfire Holsters are made by Crossfire Elite LLC of Meridian, Idaho and has been making holsters since 2008. The company has grown since its early days and now finds themselves being sold in most all of the nations top sporting goods and firearms retailers such as Gander Mountain, Cabelas, and Sportsman’s Warehouse. The company prides itself on using a combination of materials such as 1680 weight Denier ballistic nylon, memory foam and kydex to make lightweight and wide range of lightweight and breathable holsters for pistols of all shapes and sizes. To date they have seven distinct lines of holsters on the market.

1680 weight Denier ballistic nylon backing


Name: The EDC

Manufacturer: Crossfire Holsters

Place of Manufacture: Meridian, Idaho

Weight: 2.5 Oz

Length: 7″

Width: 5″

Thickness: 1 3/4″

Style: Inside the Waist Band (IWB)

Pistols fit: 2″-5″ barrel semi automatics such as

  • Glock
  • Springfield Xd
  • Walther PPK
  • S&W M&P Shield

Belt Loop Size: 1.75″

Tension Screw: No

MSRP: $44.95

Photo Courtesy:CrossfireGear.Com

First Impressions:

I’ll be honest I as a Veteran have a huge desire to support U.S. Made products and companies no matter the size, so I was excited when this holster arrived. The holster arrived in a predictable see through bubble type package that almost every holster arrives in, with a simple safety yellow and black color and lettering motif. The packaging is simple and eye catching, it does its job splendidly. The holster itself is much lighter than I had anticipated and semi flexible but featured heavy stitching around the seams. This is always a good sign, attention to the parts of the holster that will wear and break down the fastest under use.

The holster is designed to fit a wide range of pistols with barrel lengths of 2″ to 5″ so I decided to try several of my pistols in it to figure out how it would work since it was designed without a specific pistol model as a guide. I decided to try several pistols that I happened to have laying around, the Sig P225, S&W M&P 9mm, and my trusty old beater Egyptian Helwan were selected for the trials. Of the three the S&W M&P seemed to fit the best which was unfortunate because I am unable to use that pistol for my trial runs since it is being sent off for some special project work. The Sig P225 was a close second so it will be the test pistol in the coming weeks.

Riveting and stitching can sink any holster especially a hybrid one like The EDC by Crossfire Holsters but when I took a close look at the rivets I was happy with what I saw. The Kydex used on the holster seems to be the same thickness and consistency of my more expensive G-Code holster than I normally use with my Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, again that is reassuring. The real proof though is how the holster will stand up to the normal temperatures that I experience here during an Alaskan Winter. I generally go from a comfy +70* Fahrenheit to below freezing or sometimes below 0 degrees when I go from my house to my jeep or when I go outside to walk my dog. That type of temperature swing and sustained temperatures can make plastic brittle. So I am curious to see how it holds up, but overall I am cautiously optimistic as I start this next evolution of testing and evaluating gear.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this latest offering from Crossfire Holsters, you may have remembered the recent review one of our writers did on their Tempest model holster, which was another Inside the Waist Band offering from them. We want to hear from you if you are currently in the market for a new holster. What features are important to you ? What holster are you currently using ? We here at The Arms Guide are committed to trying to find you gear and guns that are durable, affordable and are worth your hard earned money. If there is something you want us to look into, drop us a line in the comments section below

Inside look at screws holding the Kydex in place