The United Arab Emirates Edge Group, one of the world’s leading advanced technology and defense organizations, has conducted a controversial takeover of Estonia’s Milrem Robotics which is heavily supported by the European Union’s defense robotics industry.

A leading United Arab Emirates (UAE) defense and security conglomerate, Edge Group, recently took over most of Milrem Robotics’ shares, spurring numerous investigations throughout the EU.

EU concerns raised alarms that defense cooperation projects intended to advance European security interests could be used by the Emirate group, businesses, and governments to extract knowledge and exert influence.

In a recent interview, Edge Group CEO and managing director Mansour AlMulla quashed speculations on the Milrem takeover, pointing out that the conglomerate is “country-agnostic” in its acquisitions.

Almulla underscored Edge’s excellent relationships with country partners, including Russia, China, and other countries. Statements like this certainly pique interest in Western nations. He continued to state that Edge cooperates with most “big players,” including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, MBDA, and other countries.

“We have great relationships with a lot of players, and we’ll continue to look at that, but we’re not going to go make a selection based on the country or tag,” he added. “If players are available to tie up, to join forces with, and accelerate our timetable, we go for it.”

Edge Acquisitions And Investments

The Emirati conglomerate added that EDGE is eyeing different investments and different targets. However, his company will not be “very aggressive” in acquisitions; it will be on guard, looking for “sweet spots” when supporting its development program.

“These are very exciting opportunities that we recently announced. So the investment in Milrem covers a couple of RCVs — robotic combat vehicles or remote control vehicles — as well, and we are very excited about these because these are capabilities that can be modular so that we can implement it in different cases [for] land, sea or air.”