We won’t know for some time just what caused EgyptAir Flight 804 to plunge abruptly into the Mediterranean shortly after midnight last Thursday. But weekend reports suggest that a detonated explosive device is one of two probable causes.

If it is eventually confirmed that the Paris-to-Cairo flight was yet another victim of a terror attack in a vicious season of them, we face one new reality and one big question.

First, it’s time to acknowledge that all recent terror incidents are targeted. This is a clear pattern now. It shapes up as eye-for-an-eye, the “law of retaliation” as found in the Quran and the Old Testament alike.

In other words, what governments do or are seen by jihadist organizations to do could have consequences anytime, anywhere. EgyptAir 804, which went down shortly after it entered Egyptian airspace and 165 miles from its coast, regrettably fits the pattern.

Second, we have to ask whether Egypt is now exporting the nearly rampant terrorist activity that has long plagued the nation and worsened markedly since Abdel al-Sisi, an army general, deposed Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s first legitimately elected president, in a coup endorsed by the Obama White House three years ago.

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Image courtesy of Egyptian Army