SaltStick Capsules are critical to minimize muscle cramping, heat stress and fatigue due to unbalanced electrolyte levels. SaltStick Caps are formulated to closely resemble the electrolyte profile lost during activity: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Whether you are running a full marathon, out on a long day hike, or spend hours in the sun, these are for you. The SaltStick Caps also make an ideal supplement to keep in your bug out bags. If you’re “on the run” in a bug out scenario or deep in the wilderness on a backpacking trip, dehydration is an inherent risk and can lead to death if it’s not dealt with. During these times, take one capsule with water for each hour of activity in order to keep your body hydrated and your electrolyte levels where they need to be.

I personally keep a handful of salt capsules with my Haley Strategic Water Bottle Pouch. The salt capsules combined with my stainless steel water bottle and survival straw give me a fighting chance against dehydration and heat related illness.


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