Karambits are such interesting knives. From their history to their tiger claw inspired design. These knives have also been weapons, not just tools, but actual weapons. The Emerson Karambit is a sleek, and deadly knife that takes an ancient design and improves it significantly. It’s made from 154 CM steel that’s renowned for its strength and it’s ease of sharpening. 154 CM is a fantastic steel if you want a solid all around knife blade.

The Emerson Karambit | A traditional combat knife

Like a Razor

Emerson includes this little card with their knives that says, “These knives are extremely sharp…” and warns about stabbing yourself. They aren’t joking, the Emerson Karambit is a sharp knife. The first thing I really cut with it was a Summer tradition in our house, a watermelon. Not a tough target, but I cut the thing in half and the blade glided, and I mean glided, through the watermelon. I imagine this is as close to a light saber I am going to get.

The Emerson Karambit | A traditional combat knife
Going Up!

After that I went searching for things to cut. I took it against rope, 550 cord and have cut down every cardboard box I had lying around. It cut piles and piles of cardboard without issue. I hung cardboard in layers against a pole in my barn. This gave me the opportunity to slash and tear and use the weapon as it was designed.