There are a lot of global activities in Turkey after President Recept Tayyip Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week. Earlier this week, the nation announced a new initiative to fund a Turkish ship to drill gas along the eastern part of the Mediterranean.

The floating drilling rig Abdulhamid Han is headed to the Yörükler-1 site, 34.2 miles away from the central Turkish coast. Erdogan attended the press covering the mission of the ship.

“The survey and drilling work we are conducting in the Mediterranean are within our sovereign territory.” Erdogan said.

He added that this new initiative will be the “symbol of Turkey’s new vision in the area of energy.”

“The sooner we can increase our natural gas and oil resources, which have turned into weapons in the global economic crisis, the more advantage we will gain in this critical process. It will help us both reduce our energy dependency and close our current account deficit.”