So, Turkey’s been parading around their new maritime toys, making a big deal in Yalova province.

They’ve got a shiny new frigate called TCG Istanbul, some support ships, and even a sea drone named Marlin – all decked out with the latest electronic warfare gear.

President Erdogan is patting himself on the back, talking about reducing dependence and record exports in the defense game.

Showcasing Maritime Might

TCG Istanbul: A Frigate of Technological Prowess

This TCG Istanbul frigate is supposed to be the bee’s knees, all part of Turkey’s grand plan to do it themselves.

Erdogan’s gushing about its radar systems, combat management, and electronic warfare gadgets.

Apparently, it comes with the MIDLAS national vertical launch missile system, giving it the power to shoot missiles from a moving boat.

A real technological marvel, they say.

TCG Derya: The Giant in Strategic Support

Then, there’s TCG Derya, a strategic support ship that’s Turkey’s second-largest vessel after some other big shot called TCG Anadolu.