Shit, what did I carry back in 1986 as a LRS team member/RTO. AN PRC 104 radio, Hand mike(s), DMDG, RACAL Antenna, GRA-50 Antenna (complete), Coax cable 50-100 feet, Field expedient Antennas, (“Home made” electrical repair kit for cables connections) Two Lithium batteries for the Radio, one Magnesium for the DMDG, and Extra batteries, Magnesium and Lithium, MRE’s broken down, Ramen noodles, survival kit, small compressible sleeping bag, compression sack, British Gortex sleeping bag cover (Bivy Bag). “PONCHO liner,” w/ Poncho, E-Tool, two Quart Canteen, plus two additional two Quart Canteens stuffed inside the ruck, Blu-Gaz stove with canisters, Snivel gear-sleep shirt, smoking jacket, T-shirt(s), and shit loads of SOCKS. (long underwear or poly pro when applicable).

“Bug out Bag” on top of my ruck, or a Butt pack, (used for Surveillance sights away from the Hide site, chow, additional survival gear, socks, heat tabs, Medical stuff) my own personal 1st Aid bag (when applicable) LCE: 4 ammo pouches, compass, Strobe light sewn to Canteen cover (hated shit on my LCE suspenders) K-bar or equivalent, little First Aid pouch, additional Ammo pouch for survival items. M16A1, with a ammo pouch or magazine holder on the buttstock (wore the same magazine pouch on my weapon in Bosnia, through Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom) Sometimes (as a Team leader/ ATL) carried a 9mm Beretta with 40 rounds of ammo, extended drop holster with a cover, so i could parachute with it. additional 9mm Ammo pouches on Holster and on LCE. …oh, Air force signal mirror and “Wet stone”… “Spice wheel” for food, and all the lickys and chewys I could carry. Echo Co. 51st Inf. Now being a Scout was different, everything we carried or didn’t carry was mission based/specific.

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.