Tensions between China and Taiwan have reached alarming heights in recent times, with Google’s threat analysis unit revealing a substantial surge in Chinese cyberattacks on Taiwan over the last six months.

Kate Morgan, a senior engineering manager at Google, disclosed that there has been a significant increase in the number of groups from China targeting the computers of Taiwan’s defense sector and government agencies.

Reports also indicate that these cyber assailants are extending their reach to infiltrate private companies on the island, potentially to aid espionage activities.

Let’s examine Google’s recent findings, highlighting the Chinese hackers’ complex tactics, diplomatic silence about these incidents, potential preparations for cyberwar, and the significance of defense against evolving cyber threats.

The Grave Situation in Taiwan

According to a report by Bloomberg, Kate Morgan has emphasized the severity of the situation, explaining how “Taiwan is facing mounting military intimidation, gray-zone campaigns, cyberattacks, and information manipulation.”

Despite these challenges, she reiterated the island nation’s resolute stance and ongoing efforts to fortify its defense capabilities and societal resilience.

“The number of groups in China that are performing hacking and trying to get into technology companies or get into cloud customers is huge,” Morgan noted. “I don’t have the exact number, but it is probably over 100 groups that we are tracking just out of China alone.”

Elusive Tactics of Chinese Hackers

The tactics employed by Chinese hackers are both sophisticated and elusive.