Owning up the second-largest region in the African continent, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo or DRC) holds immense potential to thrive as a prosperous nation with its rich natural resources and a wide variety of wildlife. It has to sort through one problem: conflict and stability—which proved complex to manage, especially for a country plagued with corruption and terrorist groups.

Among the multitude of armed organizations active in the country, the ADF rebels stand out as the most notorious and brutal group, responsible for a staggering number of civilian casualties since their inception in the 1990s. Their actions have resulted in the loss and displacement of thousands of innocent lives and the destruction of dozens of infrastructures.

A Dangerously Volatile Region

Most recently, the extremist rebel has allegedly instigated deadly attacks, stirring unrest in eastern DRC late last week. According to local officials, this recent violence has cost nine more lives, adding to the grim toll that the ADF has maintained over the years.

A local civil society organization reported that several others were also missing after the attack, with one seriously injured survivor.

The extremist rebel raided the Museya Kanyamutsutsa village in the volatile city of Beni in Northern Kivu province last Thursday evening, said local activist Delphin Maleki via AP News.