The United States Embassy in Haiti has issued an urgent advisory for American citizens in the Caribbean nation, calling for their swift departure “as soon as possible” due to the escalating security and infrastructure challenges that have plagued the country. The deteriorating situation is marked by surging violence, leading to a spike in homicides and the displacement of thousands.

Dire Humanitarian Fallout as Gang Turf War Rages On

In a press statement released Wednesday, the embassy emphasized the critical need for US citizens to leave Haiti using commercial or private transportation. The advisory also stressed the importance of exercising “extreme caution” throughout the departure process.

The catalyst for this dire advisory is an ongoing gang turf war that has wreaked havoc across the island nation. The humanitarian crisis triggered by this conflict has reached alarming proportions, resulting in the displacement of approximately 200,000 individuals nationwide. Shockingly, this turmoil has left a staggering 5.2 million people, nearly half of Haiti’s population, in desperate need of humanitarian aid. The United Nations has confirmed these distressing statistics.

Safety Concerns Prompt Temporary Closure of US Embassy

Tensions escalated to such an extent that earlier this month, the US Embassy in the capital city of Port-au-Prince was forced to temporarily close its doors. Gunfire in the vicinity prompted the embassy to take this precautionary measure. All embassy personnel were confined to embassy compounds until further notice due to the ongoing threat posed by the gunfire.