Self-defense techniques have taken on an entirely new meaning in this day and age. Thanks to the existence of camera phones and digital technology, things can easily be taken out of context. 

Man in black outfit and athletic caucasian woman fighting on white studio background. Women’s self-defense, rights, equality concept. Confronting domestic violence or robbery on the street.

Here’s a scenario: you’re in a bar with your wife when a belligerent drunk suddenly decides to get handsy with her. They were harmless touches at first, but it quickly escalated to a level of harassment. 

Now, you’re in a bind. Doing nothing won’t make your lady feel good. But acting on it can also turn on you. Someone takes a video of you beating someone to a pulp and posts it online without proper context. Before you know it, you’ve been turned into an unwanted viral sensation. 

So are you in a lose-lose situation in a self-defense setting? Not if you play it smart.