His goal was for his firm to be the Afghan version of Etsy. Now it has become vitally important.

When Nasrat Khalid observed the consequences of the international aid freeze and the departure of charities, he saw the growing poverty and disorder.

ASEEL began as Afghanistan’s version of Etsy, selling jewelry, leather shoes, and other crafts online to help Afghanistan’s artists make a living.

ASEEL Afghanistan is an organization that has now dedicated great resources to providing humanitarian and military support in Afghanistan. ASEEL was formed by a group of Afghan-Americans currently living in the United States, aiming to improve Afghans’Afghans’ lives at home and abroad. 

ASEEL’s mission is to provide direct humanitarian support such as medical supplies, food, clothing, and shelter to those affected by conflict and poverty in Afghanistan. 

If there’s one thing an Afghan entrepreneur living in Washington, DC, Nasrat Khalid, has been yearning to do, it’s to enable people to purchase beautiful items from his country. “Aseel” is Afghan for “genuine.”

In the first year, Khalid says that they sold $35,000 worth of items from Afghanistan to customers in the U.S. and Australia, which have large Afghan diasporas.

Later that year, ASEEL took on a fresh mission, he said, referring to the Taliban takeover in August of 2021.