The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been a cause of concern for the international community for nearly eighteen months since it erupted in early 2022. In response to Kyiv’s need for artillery shells, the European Union (EU) has undertaken a significant initiative to provide support.

The EU’s efforts to supply Ukraine with artillery shells have garnered attention, especially after recent developments in the delivery process. This article delves into the details of this report, exploring the scope of assistance, the challenges faced, and the road ahead.

The EU’s Commitment to Aid Ukraine

The EU’s commitment to aid Ukraine in its fight against Russia was highlighted by a plan to provide a million artillery rounds over a 12-month period. This initiative was set in motion earlier this year when the 27-nation bloc pledged to enhance the supply of much-needed artillery shells to Kyiv.

The plan involved utilizing a 2-billion-euro ($2.18-billion) budget to tap into member states’ stockpiles and coordinate joint orders for shells.