In the murky waters of modern naval warfare, where the line between science fiction and military hardware blurs, a group of European tech wizards and shipbuilders have devised a revolutionary strategy. They call it EUROGUARD, and it’s not your granddad’s battleship.

Think of it as a chess piece in the great game of maritime muscle-flexing, a semi-autonomous, modular surface vessel with the old guard sitting up and taking notice.

A Technological Marvel in the Making

Led by the Estonian outfit Baltic Workboats, this motley crew of 23 companies from 10 countries is pooling their brainpower and resources to the tune of 95 million euros ($103 million).

The plan is to produce a prototype by 2027 that could be the Swiss Army knife of naval vessels.

What’s cooking in this high-tech cauldron is something straight out of a spy thriller.

We’re talking remote control capabilities, autonomous navigation, and all the bells and whistles needed to spot trouble and sidestep it before things get ugly.

This vessel isn’t just being designed to float; it’s being crafted to think, adapt, and react.