The European Union’s executive will lay out proposals on Wednesday to overhaul its asylum procedures and strengthen its external borders as it seeks to tackle both an uncontrolled influx of migrants and security threats.

A policy paper from the European Commission will outline two options regarding asylum rules, according to the Guardian. The first possibility would be scrapping the Dublin regulations, which require refugees to claim asylum in the first EU country they arrive in, in favor of a mandatory redistribution system throughout the bloc according to different states’ wealth and capacity. The second option would be adding a “corrective fairness mechanism” to the rules which would allow refugees to be redistributed in different countries during times of crisis.

The mass influx of migrants and refugees over this year and last has exposed “significant structural weaknesses and shortcomings in the design and implementation of European asylum and migration policy,” the paper will state, according to the Guardian.

The document will also highlight security threats to the EU, stating terror attacks in Paris and Brussels have “brought into sharper focus the need to join up and strengthen the EU’s border management, migration, and security cooperation.”

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Image courtesy of AFP/Getty