The Every Day Tactical Belt from High Threat Concealment is a rock star in my book!

Temporary Hesitation

I’ve used my belt from HTC for several months now, and I’m happy to report that it’s holding up really well. Initially, there was some concern due to the belt’s lighter weight construction (which is purpose-built), but time seems to have proven that the lighter weight simply aids the user’s comfort without detracting from the belt’s usefulness.

The one inch buckle from AustiAlpin is perfect for every day users like me who like the cobra buckle’s design but don’t want their apparel to scream— TACTICAL. After all, we’re just regular guys (and gals).

My largest initial concern was that the lighter material in the front section of the belt wouldn’t hold the gun effectively— particularly because I carry in the appendix position. However, the opposite has proven true. The belt overlaps in a way that makes it sturdy enough for appendix carry. In addition, less material up front allows for just enough belt-articulation to help comfort and creates a slightly lower profile, aiding concealment.