The Every Day Tactical Belt from High Threat Concealment is a rock star in my book!

Temporary Hesitation

I’ve used my belt from HTC for several months now, and I’m happy to report that it’s holding up really well. Initially, there was some concern due to the belt’s lighter weight construction (which is purpose-built), but time seems to have proven that the lighter weight simply aids the user’s comfort without detracting from the belt’s usefulness.

The one inch buckle from AustiAlpin is perfect for every day users like me who like the cobra buckle’s design but don’t want their apparel to scream— TACTICAL. After all, we’re just regular guys (and gals).

My largest initial concern was that the lighter material in the front section of the belt wouldn’t hold the gun effectively— particularly because I carry in the appendix position. However, the opposite has proven true. The belt overlaps in a way that makes it sturdy enough for appendix carry. In addition, less material up front allows for just enough belt-articulation to help comfort and creates a slightly lower profile, aiding concealment.

Every Day Use

I’ve carried guns as large as a G17 and as small as a J frame on the EDT without issue.

The majority of my carry over these months has been dominated by the G19, Sig P320 compact (with sub frame), and the Smith & Wesson Shield.

All three of these options have done very well with this belt.

None of them has proven too heavy. Much of that time, I’ve used an extra mag holster up front as well… still no worries. The EDT has performed flawlessly.


Let’s take a look at the belts I’m comparing this one to. Ready on hand I have:

  • 5.11 Tactical Maverick Assaulter’s Belt
  • 5.11 Operator Belt 1.75”
  • 5.11 Tactical Stitched Leather Casual Belt  1.5-Inch
  • Jones Tactical Every Day Belt

There are others, but these will do for the purpose of our discussion.

In my recollection, the most direct price comparison from this list is the 5.11 Stitched Leather gun belt. However, I’d say the most direct function and quality comparison is with the every day belt from Jones Tactical.

Leather is comfortable, but it will stretch; nylon dive webbing won’t be effected by movement or weather conditions.

By the way, all of these options are good—at this point we’re talking about gradations of good. Ha! You know, which is the goodest- good, of the good.

One thing that I love about the EDT is its color availability. Like Henry Ford said: It’s available in any color you want, as long as it’s black. I’m not joking, I love that!

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The HTC exceeds in the comfort category. Also, its velcro lining allows for more configuration options and is a distinct advantage.

Testing Conclusion

All in all, I think the EDT from HTC is a rock star because it rocks my gun without fail every casually-dressed day.

If you’re looking for a nylon every day option, look no further.

This article is courtesy of The Arms Guide.