Recent Situation Report in Ukraine: Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, revealed that Tuesday’s drone attack on a Russian airbase in Pskov originated from inside Russia itself. This attack, which Ukraine has now admitted to, has raised questions about the extent of cross-border involvement in the ongoing conflict between the two nations.

The attack on the Pskov airbase, located in the Russian city of Pskov, has been a subject of intense speculation since it occurred earlier this week. According to news reports, two Ilyushin cargo planes were destroyed, while two others sustained damage. Contrarily, Russian authorities claim that four planes were damaged. However, Budanov refrained from specifying whether Ukrainian or Russian operatives carried out the attack.

Drone attacks on Russian targets have become a near-daily occurrence, with Ukraine openly acknowledging its involvement in the Pskov strike. This incident, however, is significant as it puts to rest conjecture regarding the means of attack, ruling out the use of long-range weaponry.

A Bold Admission from Ukraine

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, added fuel to the fire on Thursday when he stated that a Ukrainian-made weapon had successfully struck a target located approximately 700 kilometers away. Pskov, a Russian city, is nearly 700 kilometers (434 miles) from the Ukrainian border.