Retired Marine Gen. James Cartwright, the former Joint Chiefs vice chairmanhas been charged with making false statements in an investigation into the leaking of classified information about Iran’s nuclear program.

Cartwright, who also led the U.S. Strategic Command and was known to have a close relationship with President Barack Obama, was the subject of a federal investigation into the leaking of details of a reported joint U.S.-Israeli cyberattack targeting Iran’s nuclear program.

The charge involves testimony he gave investigators about information obtained by New York Times reporter David Sanger, as well as another journalist, Daniel Klaidman.

“After investigators showed Cartwright a list of quotes and statements from David Sanger’s book, a number of which contained classified information, Cartwright falsely told investigators that he was not the source of any quotes and statements,” according to a court filing. “Cartwright also falsely told investigators that he did not provide or confirm information to David Sanger.”

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Image courtesy of AP