A retired Navy commander suggests recent “aggression” at sea and in the air by Russia and Iran are “direct actions to influence the November elections.”

In an opinion piece for the U.S. Naval Institute posted Thursday, retired Cmdr. Daniel Dolan refuted claims the air-to-air intercepts and incidents at sea are the result of President Barack Obama Administration’s weakness on foreign policy.

“A better conclusion to be drawn from the recent spate of incidents in the Black Sea and Strait of Hormuz is that they are not occurring because the U.S. is weak; rather, it is more likely that they are an effort by enemies of the U.S. to try to create the conditions that they believe will make America weak,” he wrote.

According to Dolan, “intercepts near Russian territory” are “expected” and “in a word – commonplace.” He adds “aggressive behavior by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy in the Strait of Hormuz” also “is nothing new.”

Some critics, however, blame the encounters on President Obama’s foreign policy weakness, both toward Iran, with the hammering out of the Iran nuclear deal, and toward Russia, with the administration’s measured response to the 2014 illegal annexation of Crimea.
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