US prosecutors allege that Matthew Belanger, a former member of the US Marine Corps, conspired to commit mass killings and sexual assault to “decrease the number of minority residents” in the US as part of his pursuits as a member of the neo-Nazi organization known as “Rapekrieg.” The goal of the aforementioned group is to alter the country’s racial composition through mass murder and sexual assaults.

Investigators believe in a court brief that was filed on July 14 that while Matthew Belanger was serving in the Marines, he planned somewhat more heinous crimes as a member of the neo-Nazi group, per a news agency report. Based on the memorandum, Belanger participated in preparations for an assault on the “Zionist Order of Governments” by practicing with airsoft firearms in the forests of Long Island. 

According to the report, Belanger was also the focus of an investigation by the FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce investigating accusations that he meant to “engage in widespread homicide and sexual assault.” According to the letter, a significant portion of Belanger’s philosophy and scheming is predicated on his goal to reduce the number of people of color living in the US and to rape “white women in order to increase the production of white children.”

New York County Supreme Court with the inscription “The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government.” (Source: “Axel Tschentscher,” CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

On June 10 in New York, Matthew Belanger was first detained and indicted with “making false statements to a federal firearms licensee” to conduct straw purchases of an assault rifle and a handgun. During the court hearing on July 25, Belanger entered a not guilty plea to the weapons charges.