It’s been a whirlwind week. I’ve never heard the word ‘pussy’ used so liberally on television before. Will that dominate the debate this evening? It is, after all, a town hall style debate. Will Anderson Cooper allow the public knowledge of Trump’s hot mic to go unanswered in their debate medium? I don’t know – but I’m more concerned about war with Russia.

Will both candidates endorse a ‘no-fly zone’? God, I hope not. Because what they want isn’t a ‘no-fly zone,’ it is for Syrian lives to be saved. However, a ‘no-fly zone’ would probably make a war and regime change more likely. Something Russia, at this point, cannot tolerate. But, we’ll see. The ‘no-fly zone’ is a fantasy; unfortunately, a fantasy those in power can choose to pursue; a fantasy that will cost more American lives.

Will Trump go after the Clinton family? Will he dive into the theories around the Clinton political machine? Will he hit Bill Clinton to remove attention from his comments released this week?  It’s hard to verbally jiujitsu a real defense for Trump’s remarks that were caught on tape. The best defense might be some offense. He has nothing to lose and so, he might be pointing the finger as much as he can. Whether his comments have merit or not – it’s immaterial because everyone is thinking does he grab pussy?

Please be on the lookout for foreign policy talk and Russia. It’s sad to say – but the DOD and the intelligence community take the Russian threat very seriously, but our leaders do not. The small leader Putin has an arsenal to throw at us in war. They can hurt us with electronic warfare, special operations, and conventional forces. They aren’t technologically advanced as ours but they’re better than the Iraqis ever could have been.

Thanks to a preview USATODAY article – here’s a quick low-down of basic information for tonight:

Where can I watch it?

It’ll be hard to miss. All of the broadcast networks (except NBC, which will be airing the Giants vs. Packers Sunday Night Football game) will televise the debate, as will all the cable news channels. You can also live stream it on any number of websites, including

Who’s moderating?

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC News’ Martha Raddatz will be at the helm in St. Louis on Sunday night. Steve Scully of C-SPAN is the designated back-up moderator, a role he’s playing at all the debates should someone fall ill.

Anything different about this debate?

There is. The format will be a town meeting, which means half the questions will be posed by the moderators, while the rest will be asked by undecided voters chosen by Gallup, according to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The questions from the moderators, the commission says, will cover “topics of broad public interest as reflected in social media and other sources.” So, basically, they could be about anything. Trump and Clinton will have two minutes to respond, and Raddatz and Cooper will get another minute to “facilitate further discussion.”