The sun doesn’t set here, it explodes. It explodes in a vibrant spectrum of technicolor, igniting the imagination and rekindling an otherwise faded spark internal. The expansive freedom of this big kid’s playground seems near limitless. A five-minute drive from San Diego transports visitors to a unique cultural experience. While not a comprehensive telling, the following is a list of knowledge gained and lessons learned during five months traversing the 1,000 mile long land mass of Baja, Mexico.

I chose to drive from Tijuana to Cabo and back up, crossing back into the United States via Tecate. To be experienced properly, at least two weeks should be allotted for such an excursion. You can make the round trip drive in under five days but you would miss pretty much everything. If you are not in close proximity to the border, there is the one way option. Fly into San Jose Del Cabo, rent a vehicle (read Jeep), and return it at the Tijuana airport. If you do not have that kind of time, my suggestion is a flight into San Jose Del Cabo followed by a road trip loop through the southern aspect of the peninsula known as Baja California Sur or BCS.

Danger/ Crime/ Local Scams:

Danger seems to be the first thing on most American’s minds when traveling through Mexico is mentioned. The Baja peninsula is a relative safe zone from the cartel violence of mainland Mexico. In the five months I spent traversing up and down the 1,000 mile strip, I never once felt as though I was in danger. Violent crimes against travelers are very rare and more often than not come about as a result of very poor decision-making. If you are looking for drugs and prostitutes at 3am in ANY city in the world your chances of giving up more than your dignity increases exponentially.