Extra Carry is producing a magazine caddy designed for concealed carry use: no more loose magazine in the pocket and no more bulky pouch on your belt.  The Extra Carry (EC hereafter) is being billed as the solution to a number of issues facing those carrying a spare magazine with their concealed carry kit.

The EC is similar in function (though differing in design) to another product I reviewed not long ago, the NeoMag. The difference here is that the EC does more than just align the magazine in your pocket, it encompasses the top of the mag (as it hangs upside down), preventing any rounds from popping out as things jostle around in your pocket.

Extra Carry CCW Mag Pouch | Review

The goal is simple: look like a pocket knife, yet hold a spare magazine.  In that, the EC succeeds.  Simply place the mag into the box, rotate the pocket clip horizontal, put the whole shebang into your pocket and rotate the pocket clip back to vertical. Reload drills using the EC are fast and smooth.  Getting access to the base of the magazine is easy and instinctive.  While not a primary concern, getting the magazine back into the EC was sometimes problematic as pocket material would try to head in there with the bullet box.  The plastic that the EC is made of is rigid enough to be durable, yet has enough give to be comfortable in the pocket for a day’s worth of extra rounds.

The one concern I have with the Extra Carry is likely to be limited to the exact model I reviewed, the Glock 17.  With such a thick magazine, the box that contains it must also be big, exacerbating the problem.  I don’t wear anything near skinny jeans, but the EC was printing pretty hard.  Looking at their website, one can see the other models available are much smaller, both in height and thickness.  If I had one of these for my 1911, I have no doubt it would be near invisible in my pocket.  As always with this type of issue, “your mileage may vary” depending on your build and style of dress.

Extra Carry CCW Mag Pouch | Review

With exception to the one model specific potential issue above, the Extra Carry is an effective method of carrying a concealed backup magazine.  It is comfortable, it is consistent and above all, it is fast.  Check out Extra carry on their website, this product retails for $55.  Made in America.

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