A classified report submitted to Congress states that it would cost over $200 million per aircraft to try and produce another 194 F-22 Raptors.

The total includes an estimate of approximately $9.9 billion for non-recurring start-up costs and $40.4 billion for aircraft procurement costs,” the service said.

“The Air Force has no plans restart the F-22 production line; it wouldn’t make economic or operational sense to do so,” according to a statement from Air Force spokeswoman Capt. Emily Grabowski.

The service instead has recommended applying resources to the “capability development plans outlined in the Air Superiority 2030 Enterprise Capability Collaboration Team Flight,” she said.

Air Superiority 2030 is the plan to promote advanced fighter aircraft, sensors and weapons in a growing and unpredictable threat environment. – Military.com

Bad news for all the Raptor fans out there hoping for a production restart.

Featured image of F-22A Raptor Demonstration Team aircraft maintainers preparing to launch out Maj. Paul “Max” Moga, the first F-22A Raptor demonstration team pilot, July 13 by Senior Airman Christopher L. Ingersoll, US Air Force