Have you ever heard of a helmet that costs $400,000? Well, for the most expensive aircraft the world (the F-35) it would make sense that it also comes with the most expensive fighter pilot helmet ever.

Watch What the F-35 Helmet Can Do:

Apparently, the $400,000 helmet, while being very cool is also causing a problem for Navy and Marine Corp pilots when they land on ships at night. Navy and Marine Corp pilots discovered that the ‘symbology’ on the helmet was too bright and distracting while landing at night. A fix is in the works but apparently not fully ready.

During the final developmental test phase for the F-35C aboard the carrier George Washington in August, officials told Military.com they were testing a new software load specifically designed to address the F-35 helmet’s “green glow” problem, which can make it difficult for pilots to detect outside light sources and the cues they need to land their aircraft safely.