Fabrique Nationale adopts the M-Lok….The headline might not mean a lot to some people but in the war of M-Lok versus KeyMod it means something. In a recent press release the legendary Belgium based Fabrique Nationale has decided to take sides in the “Rail Wars” and chose the Magpul design over the KeyMod. The new rails are suppose to be standard on all of the newly produced AR-15 rifles that FN America will be manufacturing in the future. In fact the first two new rifles to feature the new rails were specifically named in the December 5th 2016 dated press release. The Designated Marksman Rifle II (DMR), and the Tactical Carbine II are both scheduled to be available in both 5.56mm and .300 AAC Blackout. Executives at FN America did not take the changes lightly and chose the pattern that they feel offers them the best options to consumers, hoping to stand out in the crowded AR-15 market.

FN America Senior Vice President John Keppeler was quoted as saying “We evaluated hand guard options on the market and decided that the next evolution of this line would need to outperform our customers expectations in terms of fit and finishes well as accuracy. We are confident that these new rifles will do just that.” Those are strong words coming from a Vice President who is trying gain market share and make the FN brand stand out and possibly bounce back in rifle sales since the ill fated FN 2000 rifle.

The new M-Lok rails are going to be made from 6061 Aluminum and will feature some additions to ensure that the rail and upper receiver are mated together securely. This of course will enhance the rigidity of the rail and allow for less chance of the rail coming loose during and firing or harsh handling of the rifles. The initial images that have come out haven’t been close up, but from a distance they look remarkably like most other M-Lok rails, which is to be expected. Since we haven’t been able to get any closer images of the new rails we figured we would give you some specs on the rifle we used in the featured imagine, the FN15 DMR II.

(Specifications Courtesy FNAmerica.Com)


  • 5.56×45 mm
  • Semi-automatic only


  • Hard-anodized aluminum
  • Flat-top receiver, M-1913 MIL-STD rail at the 12 o’clock position
  • FN handguard with M-LOK™ technology


  • 18″ chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged free floating barrel
  • Surefire® ProComp 556 muzzle break
  • 1:7″ RH twist


  • Timney competition trigger


  • Magpul STR® buttstock
  • Magpul MOE® grip


  • Ergonomic safety lever and magazine release
  • Forward assist


  • Magpul Pmag®
  • 30 rds.


  • $1,999.00

The specifications we have listed are as accurate as we could find as of the printing of this article, we will try to talk with the staff at FN America during SHOT Show 2017 and ask them about their choice of rail and about the new DMR II rifles. We are secretly hoping that during Industry Day at the Range we will get a chance to handle and shoot some. Until then we want to ask our readers, what style of rail system are you using on your rifles? Drop us a line in the comments section below, we are always willing to listen to our readers inputs and suggestions.