A video showing a Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet being “shot down” by a NASAMS surface-to-air missile system has gone viral in Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian Air Force has issued a statement clarifying that the incident was just a training exercise.

According to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, the NASAMS that have been sent to Ukraine are now fully operational, and their performance has been very impressive. Shortly after this statement, the internet was flooded with rumors that the NASAMS had shot down Russia’s “most powerful” Su-35 fighters.

Yesterday, Ukrainian media and other fake accounts reported that the NASAMS defense systems had downed a Su-35 fighter.

According to StratCom’s message on Telegram, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with the help of the Norwegian NASAMS system, shot down a sophisticated and advanced Katsap bucket with bolts, also known as a Su-35 fighter jet, near Bakhmut. According to the report, the pilot supposedly ejected but could not survive.

A pro-Ukrainian Twitter account has spread news that a NASAMS air defense system shot down a Russian Su-35 fighter. The video has already been confirmed to date from early March this year. The General Staff has now also denied all of the claims.

There are various news reports floating on the internet, in addition to a video posted by the Twitter account @UkraineRussia2 that tracks the war’s development. An aircraft on fire was seen slowly coming down after being shot by a ground-to-surface missile in the video.
A photograph showing the moment a deadly Norwegian NASAMS missile shot down a Russian Su 35C fighter jet near Bakhmut is posted online. The pilot ejected from the jet but did not survive.

Watch the video below.