When I saw the Faraday Defense booth at the 2022 SHOT Show, I was intrigued. As a police officer, I spent a bit of time in our county police’s Faraday cage (it houses all electronics seized during an arrest or after serving a search warrant), and I always found it intriguing. Since that time, I’ve actually looked for a quality Faraday bag to utilize while traveling. Until now, I hadn’t found a reputable one that I felt comfortable purchasing. Enter Faraday Defense.

For those who don’t know what a Faraday cage is, it is simply an enclosure of some sort that blocks electromagnetic fields. In the case of the police department, I visited on occasion, that “cage” is an entire room. In the Faraday Defense bags I tested, the “cage” is a sleeve inside a backpack. It may sound hard to believe that a “simple” sleeve inside a backpack can block signals from penetrating the material, but that “sleeve” is jam-packed with technology. One thing I can say with certainty after using Faraday Defense products for the last few weeks; THEY WORK.

Now, admittedly I’m not a tech genius. I’m not a tech savant. Heck, I’m barely a tech halfwit. But that said, I know when my devices have signal and when they don’t, and when I put my electronics in the Faraday Defense bags and sleeves, they were as good as invisible. They were not only physically invisible—which would be a relatively low bar for a review—they were also invisible to my cellular service provider and my Wi-Fi.

Faraday Defense Backpack. (Author photo)

Unpacking and First Reaction

For product testing for this article, I received the Faraday backpack, the Faraday Dry Bag with the NX3 kit, the Faraday Phone Jacket, and the Faraday Cordura Jacket. Upon arrival, the items were still neatly stacked inside the cardboard box, and each item was sealed inside plastic wrap… the items all arrived in one piece. That’s always a plus!