The “Fat Leonard” scandal has been one of the Navy’s worst scandals. The corruption scandal began in 2007 involving various US Navy officials who reportedly accepted bribes from a Singaporean defense contractor. To date, eighteen Navy officials have been charged with the scandal, and many others have pleaded guilty in the case.

The man of the hour is Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA) owner Leonard Glenn Francis (aka Fat Leonard), who orchestrated the entire scheme. He reportedly bribed Navy personnel in the Asia-Pacific region in exchange for classified information about ship movements. His bribery also allowed him to acquire contracts with the US Navy.

Some bribes included $1 million worth of Cuban cigars, luxury items, meals in Michelin-starred restaurants, and parties with a “rotating carousel of prostitutes,” as the prosecutors described. In addition, “Fat Leonard” systematically defrauded the Navy to the point that he had access to classified information and other Navy secrets.

During the investigation, they discovered that Francis had been in this scheme until 2013, trying to attract connections with the Blue Ridge personnel. He had tried to bribe hundreds of Navy personnel but had a particular eye on Blue Ridge officers.

The Blue Ridge officers were responsible for managing operations, logistics, and intelligence for the entire 7th Fleet. Furthermore, with Francis’ “methodically assembled” network of informants, he defrauded the US military of $35 million worth of contracts and other assets. However, other officials believed the monetary losses by the Navy were far more significant than this amount.