Posing as a fellow jihadist, undercover FBI agent Tamer Elnoury was in the midst of foiling a potentially deadly terrorist attack in Canada when his day went straight downhill.

He was on a road trip with wanna-be terrorist Chiheb Esseghaier from Montreal to Toronto, where the two were supposed to meet with another like-minded radical, and Elnoury’s job was to keep Esseghaier talking to gather evidence. A little less than halfway into the six-hour ride Elnoury believed he had enough to put Esseghaier away, after Esseghaier opened up to him in detail about a plot to derail a train on the Toronto-New York City line.

But then Esseghaier had to go and keep talking.

“The brother, the one who is in charge, El Massoul, the Responsible One, that I met in Iran. He told me he has a soldier in the U.S.A. He’s just sleeping, you know?” Esseghaier said, according to Elnoury’s book “American Radical.”


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