A female FBI translator who had been assigned to scanning communications from an Islamic State operative in 2014 fell in love with the U.S. enemy and secretly married him in Syria, according to a new report.

Daniela Greene, 38, was a top secret agent who was hired as a contract linguist in 2011, CNN reported Monday. In January 2014, she was assigned to work in an “investigative capacity” looking at a German terrorist, Denis Cuspert, a rapper-turned-ISIS spokesman. Cuspert was known as a top pitchman for the terrorist group and had released videos calling for former President Barack Obama’s death among other threats.

After months of tracking Cuspert’s communications, Greene decided to travel to Syria to marry the terrorist, unbeknownst to the FBI, the report said. It is not clear how the two communicated.

In June 2014, Greene filled out a Report of Foreign Travel form. The agent claimed she was going to visit her parents in Germany, where she was raised. Top FBI officials approved her travel and nothing came of it for a month, the report said.

Instead of traveling to Germany, Greene, who at the time was still married to someone else, flew one-way to Istanbul, Turkey.


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Featured image courtesy of CNN