Devices that authorities say looked like pipe bombs but were intended to start a fire rather than an explosion were found hanging from power lines in Massachusetts.

The devices were found Wednesday when the Tyngsboro Fire Department responded to a brush fire and noticed the items hanging from National Grid lines.

Harold Shaw, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston division, said multiple incendiary devices “similar in structure to pipe bombs” were found, but were determined to be “non-explosive” early Thursday morning and have been rendered safe.

Shaw said at this point there is no evidence tying the devices to terrorism. He said law enforcement agencies and utility companies across the country have been notified.

Peter Kowenhoven, the FBI’s assistant special agent in charge in Boston, said bomb experts determined that the devices did not have the components necessary to cause an explosion, but were built to cause a fire. He said authorities believe one of the devices was used to start the brush fire.

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