In a recently released document from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Sig Saier Romeo 4 red dot optic has been approved for use on agents’ duty rifles. Now this may not come as a big deal to many outsiders but consider for a moment that the FBI along with nearly every other law enforcement agency on earth seemed to use either Aimpoint’s or Eotech brand optics.

The current specifications that were released shows the “approved” list of duty rifle optics to be the Sig Sauer Romeo 4, and Aimpoints to include the H1, H2, T1 & T2 models. Noticeably absent from that list is anything from Eotech at all, it seems that on a federal level many law enforcement groups are switching to these smaller style of optics. In testing many of these optics are surpassing the old reliable optics like the Eotech 511 series and the Aimpoint Comp series.

At SHOT Show 2016 when I visited the Sig Sauer booth to look at the vast array of toys they had on display I did notice the Romeo 4 on the Sig Sauer MPX and loved the size and field of view on it. To be honest the Sig booth was amazing to be because I am a self-professed Sig fan boy. I was told last year that the Romeo 4 was going to have a suggested MSRP of around $500, but at the time of the convention with all the chaos and people the staff at the booth could not nail down a hard number

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