Mohammed Zeidani is out of a job — and the Islamic State group is to blame. The 26-year-old native of Benghazi, Libya, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, worked as a petroleum engineer with Schlumberger, the world’s leading oil and gas company, for four years before he became an independent contractor last year. But the Islamic State group, the terrorist group best known as ISIS, has ensured that Zeidani no longer has work in Libya’s eastern desert oil fields.

Five of the country’s functioning oil fields were shut down in the past few days and their employees were evacuated. The Zeltan oil field, owned by the state-run National Oil Corp. and the largest in the eastern Sidra Basin, was the last to be evacuated. After seeing two vehicles branded with the distinctive black and white ISIS flag in the vicinity of the facility, employees went on strike Tuesday.

The workers said they were “forming a crisis committee and stopping production activities” in Zeltan, according to a statement obtained by Middle East Eye.

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