As Many have already proclaimed, 2017 is shaping up to be the year of the pistol-caliber-carbine. PCCs as they’re known by those in a hurry are excellent firearms for a variety of reasons.  Generally handgun ammunition is less expensive, has less recoil, and is more readily available than rifle ammunition.  Add to that the increased practicality for home-defense use and indoor ranges being more welcoming and the PCC becomes a solid option.  Previously PCCs were less desirable due to high initial costs and the use of proprietary or uncommon magazines.  Freedom Ordnance, the same folks who make the belt-fed 9mm AR upper teamed up with Classic Firearms to create the FX-9.

Glock magazines!  It takes Glock magazines!  If you don’t already have a pile of 9mm Glock magazines lying around you can create one easily and without breaking the bank.  Your bank account will also appreciate that currently Classic Firearms is offering the FX-9 for $599 which is hundred less than several other options.  We were fortunate enough to get one in for review.  The video below is our first look at the affordable home-defense and plinking tool.

If you’re concerned about the potential uniqueness take a look at the specs below: