Fitness should be functional and there is nothing more functional than being able to move your body around, up, down, upside down and sideways. It’s time to climb.


One of the beauties of climbing is that once your on the wall there’s no real way to take a break. Because of our natural desire not to fall we’ll push our bodies to its limit so that we don’t go splat. Death is a great motivator.

While on deployment in Guam we would spend hours in our climbing gym just doing “laps”. When you go to your climbing gym find a route and just keep repeating it over and over as fast as you can and you’ll quickly find yourself dry heaving from exhaustion. Shortly after my time in Guam I was doing a “hook and climb” to take down a ship. I had barely made it to the top when I looked down to signal the next guy not to go. I was too late and because of the extreme angle and height he went flying off the side of the ship and nearly broke his back. Climbing fitness saved my butt that day.

Balance & Poise

When it gets right down to it the ultimate purpose of any training regime is functionality. What’s the point of being able to bench 250 pounds if you can’t lift your body atop a mountain, a fence or a rooftop?