We recently received several products from FlowFold to test and evaluate. I reviewed their Vanguard Wallet which has been working out really well as a lightweight minimalist wallet. In this short review we are taking a look at the Optimist 10 Liter Mini Backpack.

Honestly one of the best things I like about the Optimist pack is the reduced size. Because it is only 10 liters, you are really forced to think about what you’re loading into the backpack. I just got back from a trip to Virginia Beach where I used this pack as my beach bag every day as well as carrying around town during the evenings.

FlowFold Optimist 10L Mini Backpack

The pack was extremely comfortable to carry day in day out and posed no issues. One contributing factor to that is that the packs capacity is only 10 liters, so you can’t really pack 20 liters worth of gear into this 10 liter pack. Outstanding design!