As a veteran, you’ve likely spent a lot of time outdoors. Whether it was training for your job or simply enjoying nature, you know the woods quite well. But do you ever get the itch to head back out there and take on Mother Nature again? If so, you’ll need to plan ahead this time. There are numerous reasons why veterans should think about getting into fishing as a hobby. Fishing is great for relaxation, an excellent way to spend time with friends and family, and above all else, it allows you to experience the great outdoors once more.

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly Fishing is a form of fishing where you use a rod and reel to cast a line with a fly at a fish. It is different from other fishing methods by using aquatic flies as bait on a hook instead of bait. This method of fishing has been around since the 19th century and has become a very popular sport in recent years. There are many advantages to fly fishing over traditional fishing. Fly Fishing for veterans is a great way to get back out there and experience the great outdoors. It’s also a very therapeutic hobby, allowing veterans to de-stress from work and other responsibilities.

Fly Fishing for Veterans: Why Bother?

Fly Fishing
(Source: Bureau of Land Management/Flickr)

Veterans like to get out of their houses, and fishing is a great hobby that can help with that. Fishing is a great way to get outdoors, go on adventures, and meet new people. Depending on where you go fishing, you’ll meet other veterans, families, and people from all walks of life. You can also do it virtually through apps like Fishing for All. Veterans are often drawn to fishing because of the solitary nature of the sport. When you’re fishing, you get to spend time by yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When fishing by yourself, you eliminate the risk of having to talk to anyone. If you decide to go fishing with others, you can socialize as much as you want, but you always have the option to spend time alone if you so desire.