Nations go to war for various reasons including territorial expansion, religious differences, ideological differences, or racial or ethnic hatred.  To those we may include things like national honor and prestige.  How about because of food? I mean, why not? It was not in Maslow’s “most essential” category of the Hierarchy of Needs for no reason. Whether it was because of misunderstandings, used as an excuse, or purely because someone was just hangry (anger caused by hunger, which is totally relatable), there have been instances where wars were started(or nearly started) over food. Here are some of those instances.

War Waged for Wine

What are you willing to risk and lose for something you love?

Sultan Selim II was the head of the Ottoman Empire from 1566 to 1574. He happened to be known as “Selim the Drunkard.” For him, he’s willing to wage war for his beloved wine.

Sultan Selim’s father, Suleiman the Magnificent, was one who oversaw the rise of the Ottoman Empire. Unfortunately for him, his heir was a sozzled ruler who would bring the empire to its doom, making enemies and losing huge amounts of money and territories, all for his love of booze. Cypriot wine, to be exact.