More often than not during a shooting course, may it be pistol, carbine or precision rifle, a few of the students will ask, “Do you shoot with both eyes open?”

Before answering the question with a “yes” or “no”, I ask them two major questions before discussing something we all face in a life or death situation. Fight or Flight.

  1. When you close your non-dominant, can you see whats to your left or right.  Situational awareness
  2. Does closing the non-dominant eye make you any more accurate

In a fight or flight situation, many things happen, for the sake of this article, I will name a few:

Two of these should stand out to you more than the rest of the symptoms of fight or flight in regards to why you should keep both eyes open: dilation of the pupil and tunnel vision/loss of peripheral vision.  With these two natural occurring symptoms that directly affect your eyes, why add to the problem by only giving yourself one eye to shoot with?  If you can remember the last time you were startled or scared, can you recall what your eyes did in that situation?  More than likely your eyes looked like two large saucers.